Click-Through Contracts

I started law school almost exactly one year ago, and I still feel unsure of what I am agreeing to when I scroll through a terms and conditions (“T&C”) page before I just give up and click agree. One of the first classes I took in law school was the “Fundamentals of Contracts.” I lear... continue reading »

Charitable Giving – Part 1

Several years ago, I wrote an article about charitable giving, and it began with the statement: “We are a generous group of people”. I believe this remains true. In so many conversations with friends and family, I still hear of giving to charitable organizations in many ways, including time, ... continue reading »

Good Intentions

Many of us have thought about an estate plan and having some documents in place to help our family settle our estate after we pass away. Then life happens and we push that plan a little further down the list of “to dos.” Some of you have gone beyond thinking about it and have even had an ap... continue reading »

Giving Your Home To Your Children

I often have the question from clients: Is it a good idea to transfer our home to our children before we die? It is important to understand what is driving this question to help us better advise clients.I often hear that parents want to avoid probate, provide some inheritance to children and they... continue reading »

Landlord-Tenant: Abandoned Property

I handle a lot of landlord-tenant issues, predominantly from the perspective of the landlord. What’s becoming more of an issue I am encountering is questions regarding what to do with abandoned personal property that remains on the premises following the tenant vacating, either voluntarily or t... continue reading »

Dying Intestate

Sometimes our procrastination gets the best of us. So many clients have said “we’ve been meaning to get our estate documents set up for YEARS.” For those of you that have made it to my office, cheers to you for checking that “to do” off your list. For those of you that still have it on ... continue reading »