What is Discovery

Legal terms can be confusing. When a lawsuit is started it is very stressful time for those involved. So when you don’t understand a lot of terms that are being thrown around during a lawsuit, it only adds to that anxiety. One of the most important elements in any lawsuit is dis... continue reading »

Agreements Related to Real Estate

Many have heard of the Statute of Frauds; the main focus of this statute is that agreements related to land need to be in writing to be enforceable.  Here are some common scenarios that are not often reduced to writing and can lead to problems.

Encroachment Issues: Neighbors often know an... continue reading »

Do-It Yourself Estate Plan Documents

It probably goes without saying, but the terms and language used in your estate planning documents are so important.  Whether you realize it or not, when you meet with your attorney, they are not only working to understand your wishes and your family dynamics, but at the same time running throug... continue reading »

Divorce and Your Estate Plan

As we look at the ever changing family paradigm, we see a trend over the years of increasing divorce rates with the various generations.  The so called “gray divorce” is on the rise. Statistics show the divorce rate for adults age 50 and older (Baby Boomers 1946-1964) has roughly doubled sin... continue reading »

Young Adulthood

As my daughter prepares to graduate from high school this month and start the next phase of her life, I started to think about what it means to turn 18 and become a ‘legal adult’. In a few short months, she will be moving away from home and attending a university out of state. SheR... continue reading »

How to Handle Dog Bite Injuries

As I have become more involved in personal injury law, I have encountered many different types of injury claims. As I addressed in earlier articles, I predominantly deal with workplace injuries and motor vehicle accidents. However, another form a personal injury I deal with is dog bite incidents.... continue reading »