Young Adulthood

As my daughter prepares to graduate from high school this month and start the next phase of her life, I started to think about what it means to turn 18 and become a ‘legal adult’. In a few short months, she will be moving away from home and attending a university out of state. SheR... continue reading »

How to Handle Dog Bite Injuries

As I have become more involved in personal injury law, I have encountered many different types of injury claims. As I addressed in earlier articles, I predominantly deal with workplace injuries and motor vehicle accidents. However, another form a personal injury I deal with is dog bite incidents.... continue reading »

Joint Tenancy

If you title your home or bank account with another person as joint tenants, the law is clear that the surviving owner automatically takes title upon the first owner’s death without probate.  Sounds great and is the right choice is some cases. This way of titling assets often works well with s... continue reading »

Assumed Business Name

It’s not uncommon to see that a business has an assumed name or often states that it is ‘doing business as’ (‘DBA’) a name other than the business owner’s name or the name of the underlying business entity. You may see this on a check or document from the busin... continue reading »

Prepaid Burial Plans

A question I am often asked by clients is whether or not they should purchase a prepaid burial plan.  I encourage clients to think about how their surviving loved ones will be able to pay for the cost of a parent’s funeral.  The cost of a prepaid burial plan is actually one of the approved sp... continue reading »