What is a Partition Lawsuit?

Unfortunately some of you will find out someday… Under Minnesota law, if there are multiple owners of real estate, any single owner may unilaterally start a partition action to force the sale of land.  This is a very lengthy and expensive process as the Court must appoint referees who first va... continue reading »

What is Gillette Work Injury?

Does your employment require repetitive lifting, bending, stooping, or twisting? Do these repetitive tasks from your work cause pain and result in an injury over time? If you answered yes to the previous two questions, you may have suffered what is known in the world of Workers’ Compensation as... continue reading »


With the Christmas season it seems like a good time to talk about legal consequences of gifting.  Of course I’m referring to gifting from an estate planning perspective.  With the possible major changes coming in estate tax law, the estate tax implications may change but many other issues wil... continue reading »

Non-Traditional Family Planning

Do you have a “non-traditional family”?  You may think of that one crazy uncle or that cousin who often has a few too many at the family get together.  A variety of things probably come to mind when you hear this term and it will be very different for all of us.  For our purposes, we are g... continue reading »

Estate Settlement

As an estate planner I often work with the entire family.  My initial discussion is usually with mom and dad as we work together to put their estate plan documents in place.  Many times, mom and dad want to bring the child that is appointed to act on their behalf to a meeting to give the child ... continue reading »

Beneficiary Designations

Have you reviewed your beneficiary designations?  Beneficiary designations are a way in which we identify who we want to give an asset to after we pass away.  A common beneficiary designation for most people is the form you completed when you became eligible to participate in your employer’s ... continue reading »