Landlord-Tenant: Abandoned Property

I handle a lot of landlord-tenant issues, predominantly from the perspective of the landlord. What’s becoming more of an issue I am encountering is questions regarding what to do with abandoned personal property that remains on the premises following the tenant vacating, either voluntarily or t... continue reading »

Title Insurance

Misconceptions about title insurance keep popping up so I thought it would be a good time to clarify a few things.  First of all, if you do not purchase an owner’s policy, you have no protection even though you paid the premium for a lender’s policy.  Secondly, insurance will not cover ever... continue reading »

Tax Planning with Land Sales

Most people are aware of the basic rules regarding capital gains tax – in short, the gain is the difference between your acquisition cost and the sales price.  Like with most rules, there are several exceptions and that allows for some planning opportunities.

The homestead exemption is ... continue reading »

Contracts for Deed

We get many questions about contracts for deed and some people assume they are not as “good” as a traditional bank loan and mortgage. As with most legal issues, there are several issues or factors if comparing contract for deeds and mortgages.

For sellers, many clients love earning a g... continue reading »

Estate Plan for College Age Children

Often times we think of estate planning when we are older or after we have children.  However, it can be a very important step for children that are soon to reach the age of majority.  Parents and families are often so busy planning for the transition of their children from high school to the n... continue reading »