No Contest Clauses

For most families, one of the goals of estate planning is to minimize future turmoil that may occur after they pass away by addressing how their assets and estate will be settled upon their death. It is often very helpful to have mom and dad make those hard decisions now and not leave a mess for ... continue reading »

Estate Taxes

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz recently proposed a budget for 2022-2023 with the goal of raising revenue and providing relief to those most impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, calling it ‘Minnesota’s COVID-19 Recovery Budget. The budget calls for an increase in several taxes, and, specifically, a... continue reading »


Short term rentals are becoming more commonplace. If you plan on renting your own home, there are several things to consider.

Make sure you review any recorded covenants before you rent. Do they regulate rentals and how can rules be amended are issues that one should know before making an... continue reading »