Working on Your “To-Do List”

As most of us are at home right now, we are looking for ways to fill our time. For many, those items on our “to-do list” are starting to get crossed off. I have had a reminder on my calendar for almost two years now to update my estate planning documents. Kind of like the carpenter whose h... continue reading »


The worldwide outbreak of COVID-19 can’t be ignored or denied. It’s safe to say that most of us did not expect an outbreak to develop so quickly or the dramatic changes a pandemic brings to our communities, workplaces, and lives. As we stay home, stay away from others, and cope as best we can... continue reading »

So you need a new roof?

A roof is just one example, but here’s a list of issues that I’ve been hired to fix over the years caused by homeowners hiring contractors that did not do as advertised. If you get a bid that is way lower than the rest, you should be on high alert and confirm things as described below before... continue reading »

What is Mediation?

When a lawsuit is started, whether it’s a personal injury matter or a real estate dispute, both parties going in are often extremely adversarial towards one another. A lot of times, the parties say “they’ll never settle” or that they “want their day in court”. However, as the dispute ... continue reading »