Associations & VRBO

Associations are a common way to own land in Lakes Country for a couple different reasons.  Probably the most common example is to address senior living arrangements where owners want to still own their own home but avoid lawn maintenance and other headaches of single family home ownership.  Th... continue reading »

Estate Planning and Tax Strategies

You know the Benjamin Franklin quote “there are only two things certain in life: death and taxes.” All of my estate planning appointments have some consideration of taxes. We are faced with sales tax, income tax, estate tax, capital gains tax, gift tax and property tax to name a few. Even sma... continue reading »

Eviction Update: Issues with COVID-19

I represent a lot of landlords around the area and while some are very familiar with the eviction process, others are not. Today’s article will focus on the eviction process and how it’s current status in Minnesota due to COVID-19.

Back in March, Governor Walz issued an Executive Order... continue reading »