Service is the Solution

Times are a changing! We have all been working so hard to adapt and adjust. Our “normal” everyday activities and routines look so different these days. We all tackle these changes in very different ways. Maybe it is calling a friend to see how they are surviving children at home, all day ever... continue reading »

Working on Your “To-Do List”

As most of us are at home right now, we are looking for ways to fill our time. For many, those items on our “to-do list” are starting to get crossed off. I have had a reminder on my calendar for almost two years now to update my estate planning documents. Kind of like the carpenter whose h... continue reading »


The worldwide outbreak of COVID-19 can’t be ignored or denied. It’s safe to say that most of us did not expect an outbreak to develop so quickly or the dramatic changes a pandemic brings to our communities, workplaces, and lives. As we stay home, stay away from others, and cope as best we can... continue reading »

So you need a new roof?

A roof is just one example, but here’s a list of issues that I’ve been hired to fix over the years caused by homeowners hiring contractors that did not do as advertised. If you get a bid that is way lower than the rest, you should be on high alert and confirm things as described below before... continue reading »