So you need a new roof?

A roof is just one example, but here’s a list of issues that I’ve been hired to fix over the years caused by homeowners hiring contractors that did not do as advertised. If you get a bid that is way lower than the rest, you should be on high alert and confirm things as described below before... continue reading »

What is Mediation?

When a lawsuit is started, whether it’s a personal injury matter or a real estate dispute, both parties going in are often extremely adversarial towards one another. A lot of times, the parties say “they’ll never settle” or that they “want their day in court”. However, as the dispute ... continue reading »

Unintended Consequences of Death

Death is never at the top of our list of things to think about. Sometimes ignorance is bliss. However, when we don’t take the time to address what will happen to our estate after we die, you can get some very unintended consequences. Let me give you an example.

Bob and Sue met each other... continue reading »

The Secure Act Has Been Enacted

At the end of 2019, Congress passed the SECURE Act, and the President signed it in to law on December 20th. Most provisions of the SECURE Act go into effect as of January 1, 2020 but some in 2021 or later. Generally, the intent of the SECURE Act is to make saving for retirement easier for America... continue reading »

The Costs of Litigation

I’ve been seeing too many cases lately where it’s clear that the opposing party did not understand the cost of litigation before it was too late. Before starting the legal process, talk to friends or other professionals or business owners you know to get a good referral. Even then, it’s no... continue reading »


My attempt at a little humor on a less than humorous topic.  I think when most people hear about a health care directive they are thinking about forms that direct the doctors or emergency medical responders on whether or not they want to be resuscitated or intubated.  Those instructions however... continue reading »