Estate Plan for College Age Children

Often times we think of estate planning when we are older or after we have children.  However, it can be a very important step for children that are soon to reach the age of majority.  Parents and families are often so busy planning for the transition of their children from high school to the n... continue reading »

Why Register a Trademark?

If you own and operate a small business in one of our lake communities, you know the importance of name recognition. A unique business name and logo can help a business stand out and get noticed by potential customers. Picture the logo for Sea Ray boats – it looks like a stylized silver wave an... continue reading »

Lake Access

This time of year we get a lot of calls regarding lake access.  The calls vary but here are a few issues that come up time and time again.  Many off-water lots have an easement across a lake lot for lake access. Unfortunately, many of these easements are quite old and vaguely worded.  Does the... continue reading »

Gifting 101

For years people have tried to transfer wealth before death.  There are many reasons for doing so but often the main motivation was estate tax avoidance.  Now, with changes in tax law and very high exemptions, most people will not pay any estate tax upon death.  A more recent motivation has be... continue reading »