Hunting Land

As deer season is upon us I thought it would be a good time to review title to your land.  It’s pretty common for several buddies or family members to buy some land together and then share ownership and use to make hunting more affordable.  It’s a lot more fun to hunt when you can enjoy wit... continue reading »

The Final Gift Course

I wanted to share with you some information about a workshop called The Final Gift.  The parish nurse at my Church has organized several of these workshops after she attended one in a nearby community.  The Final Gift is intended to be your final gift to your family. Death is a very hard topic ... continue reading »

Boundary Issues

Many legal disputes arise from trees, fences, structures, docks, driveways, along your lot lines.  The best advice within this article might be to introduce yourself to your neighbor as soon as you can since getting along with neighbors makes any legal issue easier to solve.  Even if neighbors ... continue reading »

Electronic Signatures

It’s impossible not to have noticed or experienced the tremendous growth in the use of technology to capture our “signature” or, from a legal perspective, the act that symbolizes our affirmative consent or agreement to be bound.

With a few simple clicks on our computer or phone, we c... continue reading »

Pedestrian Injuries

Although summer is winding down, warm weather continues (at least for a little while). With warmer weather, this brings people out of their homes and out into the community. With that, the streets are being shared with pedestrians and cars. As such, pedestrian injuries occur. This article will sh... continue reading »