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Business Entities – Annual Renewals

As the year 2018 comes to an end (and we look forward to tax season), it’s time to complete the annual renewal for your business entity with the Minnesota Secretary of State. Annual renewals are required for corporations, limited liability companies, non-profit corporations, cooperatives, and l... continue reading »

Electronic Signatures

It’s impossible not to have noticed or experienced the tremendous growth in the use of technology to capture our “signature” or, from a legal perspective, the act that symbolizes our affirmative consent or agreement to be bound.

With a few simple clicks on our computer or phone, we c... continue reading »

Non-Compete Agreements (Part 1)

We often hear of restrictive covenants in an employment setting, and typically these take the form of a non-compete and non-solicitation obligation in an employment agreement. In such agreements an employee may also be subject to confidentiality obligations and restrictions on use of proprietary ... continue reading »

Collecting on Money Judgments-Overview

I often field many phone calls regarding collecting on a money judgment someone has received in a court action. In these incidents, the holder of the money judgment is called a creditor.  When I field these types of calls, it’s clear the person is frustrated. They have pursued a court action a... continue reading »

Assumed Business Name

It’s not uncommon to see that a business has an assumed name or often states that it is ‘doing business as’ (‘DBA’) a name other than the business owner’s name or the name of the underlying business entity. You may see this on a check or document from the busin... continue reading »

Employee or Not?

This article is about the classification of a ‘worker’. As W-2s, 1099s, K-1s, and other tax documents make their way through the mail during this tax season, it’s a good time to think about the status of someone who is working for you or providing services to your business. Is t... continue reading »