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What is Mediation?

When a lawsuit is started, whether it’s a personal injury matter or a real estate dispute, both parties going in are often extremely adversarial towards one another. A lot of times, the parties say “they’ll never settle” or that they “want their day in court”. However, as the dispute ... continue reading »

The Costs of Litigation

I’ve been seeing too many cases lately where it’s clear that the opposing party did not understand the cost of litigation before it was too late. Before starting the legal process, talk to friends or other professionals or business owners you know to get a good referral. Even then, it’s no... continue reading »

What is Discovery

Legal terms can be confusing. When a lawsuit is started it is very stressful time for those involved. So when you don’t understand a lot of terms that are being thrown around during a lawsuit, it only adds to that anxiety. One of the most important elements in any lawsuit is dis... continue reading »

Collecting on Money Judgments-Overview

I often field many phone calls regarding collecting on a money judgment someone has received in a court action. In these incidents, the holder of the money judgment is called a creditor.  When I field these types of calls, it’s clear the person is frustrated. They have pursued a court action a... continue reading »