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Personal Injury Settlement Release-Explained

In the personal injury world, most of the cases settle prior to getting all the way to a jury trial. The reasoning for an injured to settle their case prior to taking it to trial can be a multitude of reasons. Some of these reasons include: avoiding the risk and uncertainty of trial and taking a ... continue reading »

Communicating With Your Attorney

Attorney-Client communication is paramount in any successful representation. When a person is looking for attorney representation in any area of law, it’s vital that there is an ongoing honest dialogue between attorney and client. This article will focus on the importance of this aspect as it p... continue reading »

Personal Injury Case-When Should I Settle?

This article will focus on determining when is the right time to settle your personal injury file. The answer to this question is typically a case-by-case decision, but there are some things to think about when determining whether it’s the right time to settle.

First thing to consider is... continue reading »

Working with Insurance Adjusters

A large portion of my practice requires working with insurance adjusters. I deal largely with workers’ compensation and personal injury adjusters. Those that are involved in a work injury or car accident will likely deal with the adjuster assigned to their file. This may sound like a daunting t... continue reading »

Pedestrian Injuries

Although summer is winding down, warm weather continues (at least for a little while). With warmer weather, this brings people out of their homes and out into the community. With that, the streets are being shared with pedestrians and cars. As such, pedestrian injuries occur. This article will sh... continue reading »

How to Handle Dog Bite Injuries

As I have become more involved in personal injury law, I have encountered many different types of injury claims. As I addressed in earlier articles, I predominantly deal with workplace injuries and motor vehicle accidents. However, another form a personal injury I deal with is dog bite incidents.... continue reading »

Motor Vehicle Accident: No-Fault Benefits

A lot of phone calls and initial consultations I receive from those who have been involved in a motor vehicle accident are what does “no-fault” mean? Although somewhat self-explanatory, No-Fault refers to the type of benefits that are available to a person with injuries arising out of the mai... continue reading »