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Communicating With Your Attorney

Attorney-Client communication is paramount in any successful representation. When a person is looking for attorney representation in any area of law, it’s vital that there is an ongoing honest dialogue between attorney and client. This article will focus on the importance of this aspect as it p... continue reading »

Working with Insurance Adjusters

A large portion of my practice requires working with insurance adjusters. I deal largely with workers’ compensation and personal injury adjusters. Those that are involved in a work injury or car accident will likely deal with the adjuster assigned to their file. This may sound like a daunting t... continue reading »

What is a Permanent Partial Disability Rating?

There are many confusing concepts in the workers’ compensation laws, none more confusing than Permanent Partial Disability ratings. Today’s article will hopefully provide some insight on this topic and avoid some uncertainty and anxiety if you are currently dealing with a work injury and will... continue reading »

The Importance of Reports of Workability

“No work restrictions, no work comp.” Those are the wise words I first heard from my mentor John Person and the words I’ve been relaying to my clients. It sounds so simple, but it’s often an area that generates a lot of conflict between the employee and emp... continue reading »

Social Security Disability-Overview

I field many calls regarding Social Security Disability and many of these calls surround what is required in order to get approved for benefits. That is somewhat of a loaded question, as there are a lot of factors that go into answering, so this article will serve as an overview in order to hopef... continue reading »

A Workers’ Compensation Roadmap

I often get questions from injured workers wanting me to give them an overview of how workers’ compensation works. In its most basic sense, workers’ compensation is when an employee gets hurt on the job and the employer’s insurance company pays for the injured workers’ medical bills and l... continue reading »

Accepted v. Denied Claims-Workers’ Compensation

I typically get a lot of clients who are confused when it comes to workers’ compensation claims and what it means if the claim is accepted or if it’s denied. This may sound like an easy distinction, but in the world of workers’ compensation, it is not always abundantly clear. This article w... continue reading »

What are Temporary Total Disability Benefits?

When a person experiences a work place injury they are often confused as to what types of benefits they may be entitled to. Quite often I get phone calls and walk-ins wanting some guidance on what an accepted workers’ compensation claim entitles the injured worker to. Given the complexity of te... continue reading »